About Kimya

Cascais' new gastronomic and molecular mixology lab

Sheraton Cascais Resort has launched Kimya, a brand new gastro-bar set to be the hottest spot for drinks in Cascais. Inspired by the Persian word for chemistry, Kimya offers an immersive experience that blends gastronomy with the art of mixology – all set within a stylish, contemporary space.

Diners can enjoy a unique experimental menu of small dishes, each expertly created to perfectly pair, or ‘react’ with specific signature cocktails, such as salmon ceviche, tuna tataki and avocado cheesecake. Two experimental tasting menus have been created to allow guests to experience the concept in its entirety with distinct cocktail-dish pairings as designed by the kitchen team.

Reminiscent of a scientist’s lab, Kimya’s eight inspired cocktails are fashioned with imaginative flair and creative inspiration, with many using local ingredients such as Portuguese olive oil. Twists on the classics, such as a chemically-inspired ‘E=MC2’ spicy margarita served with a puff of smoke sit alongside innovative creations such as the ‘DIY’ cocktail where guests can create their own bespoke cocktail.

With cocktails served in beakers, light bites in petri-dishes and mixologists in lab coats paying homage to the theme, Kimya is the perfect place to enjoy pre-dinner drinks, light fare in the evening or a sumptuous nightcap in the beautiful setting of Sheraton Cascais Resort.




The basic unit of matter

Olive 3
Tomato 3


A group of two or more atoms

Marinated whitebait 4
Shrimp cone 5
Salmon pretzel 5

"K" Protein


Chicken à brás 6
Kimya burgers 8
Pan-seared lamb 9


The science and technology of using plants and fruits as food

Red berry gaspacho 4
Eggplant, beetroot and arugula 4

Marine Biology

The scientific study of organisms in the sea

Salmon ceviche 5
Tuna tataki 5
Braised shrimp 7

Sweet Essay

A brief literary text between the poetic and didatic

Avocado cheesecake 4
Fresh vitamins 4

Experimental Menus

Lavoisier's Law

'Nothing comes from nothing' - we start off with the most basic of chemical laws and our most basic experimental menu

Salmon ceviche
Braised shrimp
Kimya burgers
Fresh vitamins

Special Relativity

The generally accepted and experimentally well-confirmed physical theory regarding the relationship between space and time, our more complete experimental menu

Red berry gaspacho
Marinated whitebait
Shrimp cone
Tuna tataki
Chicken à brás
Pan-seared lamb
Avocado cheesecake


Fluid Mechanics


Tequila Reposado, Mezcal, fresh lime juice, infused agave nectar in chilli, homemade Triple Sec Air, chilli and lime cristals.

Our version of a classic margarita with a smokey and spicy touch.


Gin, Campari, P.X Sherry, orange bitter, black walnut bitter.

Our advice is to use the whole measure and the maximum of three drops of bitter, but feel free to play around.

Popping Sour

Havana 7, fresh lime juice, soya lecithin, basil and vanilla syrup, fresh basil, passion fruit ice, popping candy.

A vegan-friendly sour with the freshness of the basil complementing the sweet vanilla of the rum. The passion fruit-flavored ice will add acidity as it dilutes into the drink.

Clear Mary

Absolut Vodka, basil, tomato water, raspberry vinegar, cayenne pepper, horseradish, micro celery salt.

Ever wonder how Mary would look if she wasn't that bloody? We did! So, we transformed this classic cocktail in a way that would give you all the flavours, but none of the colour. Intrigued?

Nordic Summer

Absolut Elyx, jasmin flowers and syrup, pomegranate.

Served in a flute with suspended pomegranate caviar that will give you a burst of fruitiness along the way.


Beefeater in extra virgin olive oil, Martini Ambrato, orange bitter and stuffed olives with anchovies.

Enjoy the Portuguese touch of extra virgin olive oil complemented by the flavor of the anchovies.

Truffled Thymes

Four Roses Bourbon, truffle oil, rye whiskey, thyme syrup, botanical smoke.

These are troubled times we live in. You can, however, relax and take your time with this twist on the classic Old-Fashioned.

Kimya G&T

Gin, homemade tonic syrup, sparkling water.

Served long, with our signature tonic syrup and flavored with grapefruit oil.

Penny, Royal

Fresh pineapple juice, lime juice, fresh Pennyroyal, Pennyroyal infused honey water, pink peppercorn soda, pineapple and Pennyroyal Air.

No booze doesn't always mean no fun. Fruity and fresh with no guilt (or hangover).

P: +351 21 482 9100

Address: Rua das Palmeiras Lote 5, 2750-005 Cascais, Portugal

June and September – das 18:00 à 01:00
July and August – das 18:00 às 02:00
October to May – das 18:00 às 00:00